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Natural gas

Natural gas is a combustible gas that is found in underground deposits called reservoirs – usually in association with oil. As a fossil fuel, it is used to produce heat energy in a variety of different areas, from private homes to industrial buildings, as industrial process energy, for the generation of electricity and, to a certain extent, to power automobiles. After oil, natural gas is the second most important primary energy source in Austria and its use is on the rise.


Compared to other fossil fuels, natural gas burns the cleanest and with the least amount of CO2 emissions. Together with alternative sources of energy, it will no doubt play an important part in future energy policymaking.


Cemco cooperates directly with the worldwide largest natural gas producer and distributer and for this reason is able to provide large amounts of Russian natural gas from the Gas Hub Baumgarten in Lower Austria with absolute reliability of supply and under the best conditions.